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While many organizations rely on SIEM solutions to detect threats that lurk within their IT infrastructure, they are usually blind to user activity within SAP applications. Traditional SIEM tools use defined rules, machine learning, correlation models, and AI to identify relations between the entries and identify anomalies. Unfortunately, this principle cannot be applied to SAP systems since SIEM solutions cannot interpret specific SAP logs and analyses. Consequently, attack patterns are not identified or recognized. This means your security teams have to manually comb through thousands of logs on a regular basis to identify any suspicious activity that could be a potential threat.

Why Manual SAP Threat Detection is Inefficient

Detecting attacks based on log files requires in-depth knowledge of the potential paths and patterns such incursions can follow. This means intelligent information management is necessary to assess security data. Events relevant to security must be filtered out of a sea of data and placed in the proper context.

This requires you to allocate dedicated and highly trained technical resources since in-depth knowledge of SAP security, configurations, and processes is relevant for analyzing logs manually. For complex threats, security professionals must combine various data sources to find discrepancies in log entries using factors like time, users, systems, and more. Given the amount of log data, manual analysis will likely be prone to errors or miss critical events.

Automated Threat Monitoring and Detection with Pathlock

Pathlock’s Threat Detection and Response module provides security and application teams with focused visibility into threats facing their critical business systems. With the push of a button, it analyzes logs from over 60 data sources to detect threats. The automated solution looks not only at critical events but also analyzes combinations of non-critical or complex events to identify hidden threats in your application environment.

As a real-time threat detection solution, Pathlock aggregates and evaluates information on security policy violations within your SAP applications as they happen and automatically issues alerts in response to critical incidents and complex events. The solution also monitors your system configuration, authorizations, security and change logs, and unwanted downloads in real time.

The module comes equipped with rule-based filtering and alerts, which help security teams to prioritize their responses effectively. Going beyond application security, Pathlock’s solution also integrates seamlessly with leading SIEM solutions allowing you to consolidate incidents across your SAP applications with the rest of your IT infrastructure.

Easy to Integrate and Maintain

Pathlock’s Threat Detection and Response module installs easily and can be maintained in-house due to its native ABAP programming. It does not require purchasing or maintaining additional hardware, operating systems, or middleware. The solution also offers an integrated security monitoring dashboard for your SAP application ecosystem to deliver a complete view of the threat landscape on a single screen.

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