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SAP customers are encountering increasingly sophisticated internal and external security threats, particularly amid digital transformation initiatives. The complexity of system landscapes within SAP applications magnifies these challenges, exposing organizations to new vulnerabilities and making security management more burdensome with the integration of new application environments.

Challenges Associated with SAP Threat Detection

Traditional threat monitoring tools often fall short when securing ABAP applications and identifying complex threats among many intricate logs and transactions within SAP environments. Security and Basis teams often struggle with manual reviews of countless decentralized system logs without an optimized solution. This reactive approach leads to sluggish reporting and inadequate alerting of compromised accounts and critical threats that could slip through unnoticed. Specifically, these are some of the most common challenges security teams face:

  1. SAP System Complexity: SAP applications are extensive, with many modules and configurations requiring unique security measures. Without the aid of automation, even experienced SAP security professionals struggle to continuously monitor and protect all aspects of their sprawling SAP environment.
  2. Lack of Visibility: The sheer scale of SAP applications and the immeasurable amount of data and transactions make it difficult to gain and maintain comprehensive visibility across all systems. Without an optimal SAP threat detection solution, Security and Basis teams cannot effectively analyze a multitude of logs and events and pinpoint relevant security incidents amid the noise of months of disparate logs.
  3. Evolving Threat Landscape: Cybercriminals constantly change tactics, techniques, and procedures to infiltrate your SAP applications, exfiltrate valuable data, remain undetected, and overcome remediation actions. Security and Basis teams will struggle to stay ahead of the curve and combat bad actors without advanced and relevant threat intelligence.

Eliminate SAP Breaches with Pathlock Threat Detection and Response

Pathlock’s Cybersecurity Application Controls (CAC) can help you identify and monitor any suspicious activities or anomalies in real-time across your entire SAP environment. This includes system configurations, authorizations, security and change logs, and unwanted downloads. With Pathlock’s CAC product, Security and Basis teams can effortlessly and continuously detect, analyze, and correlate complex threats at scale.

Efficient Threat Detection: 

In case of a security breach, our Threat Detection and Response module promptly sends out alerts and categorizes the response based on predefined and customizable rulesets. This helps you to concentrate on addressing the most severe threats first. As a result, Pathlock CAC customers typically experience an 80% reduction in their SAP threat detection and remediation timeframes.

Comprehensive Visibility: 

The module continuously scans your SAP applications and identifies suspicious activity from over 60 threat-relevant data sources as soon as it is implemented. This helps SAP Security and Basis teams take appropriate countermeasures to protect business processes and data, reducing the risk of breaches. It also provides integrated security dashboards for your SAP application ecosystem to deliver a complete view of the threat landscape and associated security posture. By integrating with popular SIEM tools, the module ensures that SAP applications are included in your cross-application security teams’ overall risk monitoring and incident response initiatives.

Automate Data-Driven Threat Analysis: 

The module automates threat analysis by offering customizable detection patterns, 1500+ OOTB detection rulesets, and robust threat intelligence data sourcing. This allows organizations to proactively identify system weaknesses and take targeted action for threat mitigation.

If any of the above-outlined challenges and solutions resonate with your organization’s SAP Security and Basis teams, talk to our cybersecurity experts to see how Pathlock Threat Detection and Response works in real threat scenarios. Schedule a demo today.

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