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Managing SAP roles can be incredibly complex and time-consuming for security teams. Often short-staffed and under time constraints, security admins are under a lot of pressure to ensure that roles are designed, developed, documented, modified, and provisioned in a timely manner.

The process is particularly challenging for teams relying on manual role management processes. Not only is the process time-consuming, but the chances that they are keeping a detailed audit trail for testing and approval of roles are low. This often leads to Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts going unnoticed or even noncompliance—and the fees that come along with it. By relying on existing manual processes for role management, you may be unintentionally creating unnecessary risk for your organization.

Transform the SAP Role Management Process with Pathlock

Role Management from Pathlock manages the entire role lifecycle. This module automates many of the key role management processes so that you can optimize how SAP roles are managed and improve your overall audit readiness. It ensures that role maintenance is auditable, the decisions are based on detailed usage data, role designs are SoD clean, and risks are properly mitigated.

Key Benefits for Security & Risk Management Teams

Pathlock streamlines an organization’s unique role request, design, development, and testing requirements, ensuring that access management processes are efficient and consistent. The module also helps companies:

Gain Auditor Approval

Role Management from Pathlock satisfies auditors who need evidence of how role design, development, and deployment are properly controlled and comply with policy requirements.

Increase Productivity and Lower Costs

Automating role management-related activities such as documentation, role construction, and transport packaging enable security teams to reduce tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone work. Furthermore, enterprises can implement continuous improvements to lower costs and reduce the work required to manage roles. Role Management from Pathlock enables a consistent and efficient process for role management which can easily be adjusted as security teams learn and scale.

Improve End User Satisfaction

Role Management allows organizations to more effectively set and consistently meet end-user expectations. By having a defined and efficient process, end users better understand what is required for a new role or a role modification and when the request will be fulfilled. Pathlock’s solution also improves role quality, making users more satisfied with their roles.

Seamlessly Align Design, Approvals, and Implementation

The Role Management module automatically generates roles based on an approved design. Approved designs get developed and promoted to production. This eliminates the need to design a role from scratch, get approval for it, and then re-enter all the transaction code authorizations. Role Management helps ensure that only approved designs are implemented.

Take the First Step to Streamlined SAP Role Management

Role Management from Pathlock allows enterprises to gain automated controls, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce operating costs, and create better audit trails.

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