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March 05, 2021

Pathlock – Paving the Way to Zero Trust

Mike Puterbaugh Mike Puterbaugh

Today, we are excited to begin a pivotal chapter in the history of our company under a new name: Pathlock. With a new name, we are ushering in an expanded vision of what security in a post pandemic world will require. As the last year has unfolded, we have seen a tremendous acceleration in interest in unified access orchestration solutions to secure critical data, employing a Zero Trust philosophy. We acknowledge that simply maintaining compliance is often not enough – we need to push the boundary to ensure that we can enable digital transformation safely, so companies can adapt to the ever-changing landscape without taking on unnecessary risk.

While our name may be changing, we remain hyper focused on helping customers protect digital enterprises from the inside out. Specifically, that means that we see critical business applications and infrastructure to be the life blood of successful organizations. As companies shift towards hybrid, multi ERP environments, they’ve lost the ability to properly control and monitor who can access these resources. In turn, businesses are flying blind, without any visibility to the true risk of non-compliance, data loss, or insider threat. Many vendors are focusing on implementing Zero Trust Network Access at the network layer, but few vendors are focusing on securing and monitoring data where it actually resides: in the applications and infrastructure, much of which has migrated into the public cloud.

To tackle this problem, we’ve brought together a stellar team of security and infrastructure experts, which we are extremely proud of. Our team brings together leaders from best-of-breed organizations across SIEM, XDR, Threat Detection, Compliance, Continuous Controls Monitoring, and Access Control. Though our backgrounds may be diverse, we all share in the vision that Zero Trust will be mission critical to every organization.

Whether your goal is SOX, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, or other types of compliance, following a Zero Trust approach will ensure your critical financial, employee, and customer data is secure. While the principles may seem simple and straightforward, most companies are still in their infancy when it comes to implementing Zero Trust. We aim to tackle this problem head-on, through a comprehensive, modular platform that can support a Zero Trust philosophy in almost any critical business application: SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Salesforce, Workday, and 140+ more.

Pathlock’s access orchestration solution can support you on the journey to Zero Trust in any critical application, following a proven methodology which eliminates risk and ensures compliance.

  1. Inventory and analyze existing applications, users, roles, and access: knowing the current state of the enterprise landscape is critical, to eliminate any unnecessary infrastructure and reduce risk exposure from the get-go
  2. Manage access changes and privilege elevation: implementing an automated, repeatable approach to adding and removing access and privileges, including temporary elevation for third party contractors
  3. Monitor all activity: understand what activities are being performed with access, to address suspicious behavior such as data loss or fraud, and highlight potential zombie users or access to be eliminated
  4. Prevent the riskiest behavior: automate away the most harmful activities – block transactions that are clear violations of internal controls for fraud, auto-terminate sessions that pose data loss risks, or mask sensitive data that should never be visible to certain roles or user groups
  5. Automate and Integrate to the Ecosystem: tie in to the broader SOC landscape, with integration to Azure AD for centralizing provisioning, ServiceNow for access requests and user access reviews, Workday for joiner/mover/leaver automation, LogRhythm for centralized alerting across the enterprise – the possibilities are endless

No matter where you are on your journey to Zero Trust, Pathlock is here to support as your go-to partner to secure the critical data in your business applications and infrastructure. We’d love to learn more about where you are on your journey – please drop us a note so we can start the conversation!

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