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Automation is simplifying Segregation of Duties. In this video demonstration, you can see how Pathlock can identify, explore, and resolve SoD violations in Oracle EBS and beyond. Leveraging user behavior profiling and actual usage data, Pathlock turns the complex task of managing SoD into something you can handle with ease.

About Pathlock

Pathlock helps you comply with compliance regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) by providing a single control point to manage and enforce segregation of duties (SoD) – across multiple ERP platforms.

Pathlock is a full-suite solution that includes SoD rules definition, conflict analysis & resolution, real-time violation prevention, and detailed incident analysis. For example, if a violation is pre-approved, you can quickly create remediation (mitigation factor), so this violation will not appear again in the reports.

Pathlock’s proprietary technology analyzes user behavior and usage data paired together with vast amounts of hands-on experience in the field of risk assessment to resolve conflicts. The solution can assess SoD risks and violations based on users’ actual usage, not only on their given authorizations. This allows the auditing of specific violation events in real-time. Of course, the best way to handle violations is to solve them clearly and quickly. Pathlock features a conflict resolver tool that will remedy conflicting roles within a few seconds by pointing out the best combinations of authorization roles to change to solve the violations.

Pathlock can also add real-time preventative SoD controls that stop violations at run-time – regardless of a user’s existing authorizations. This allows users with SoD exceptions to maintain the flexibility granted to them while ensuring no actual violations occur. In addition, these preventive SoD controls ensure that SoD rules are followed and drastically reduce or eliminate the manual reviews that were required using a detective approach.

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