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Like most state governments, the State of Kansas wanted employees and non-employees to access PeopleSoft self-service within and outside the corporate network. They encountered a common challenge: How do they roll out PeopleSoft self-service to a massive audience while still protecting their data and addressing compliance risks? To fortify their PeopleSoft environment and secure remote access and their data, the State approached Pathlock for their dynamic data masking tools.

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Requirements For Dynamic Data Masking

Over a two-year period, the State expanded access to PeopleSoft from 12,000 to all 50,000 state employees, including contractors, truck drivers, police officers, and state police medical contractors who would be using iPads and various mobile and remote workstations.

However, they did not have any third-party data masking tool for their production or non-production environment. Additionally, the masking capability in their existing PeopleSoft environment presented the following challenges –

  • Masking was incomplete
  • It offered no flexibility
  • The feature only worked on select delivered pages

The native masking functionality was not working sufficiently for their HCM and FSCM power users. In addition, as their roles were getting more complex, access control became a critical requirement that out-of-the-box PeopleSoft features could not fulfill.

The State Of Kansas Enhanced PeopleSoft Security With Dynamic Data Masking

The State deployed MFA capabilities, contextual data masking, and dynamic access controls to fill the security gaps in access control and usage. The State also used the Pathlock Security Platform to improve remote access control, manage risk exposure, and increase the visibility of user activity in their FSCM and HCM pillars.

Following the implementation of Pathlock’s Dynamic Data Masking tools and capabilities, the State of Kansas is now able to achieve the following –

  • Leverage existing static data masking to challenge users to reconfirm identity at a page level
  • Location-based security to protect access to certain pages for users outside the State’s network
  • Better visibility into the activities of privileged users while allowing them to access sensitive data to perform their roles efficiently

Pathlock Is A Key Enabler For PeopleSoft FSCM Data Security & Compliance

Pathlock’s PeopleSoft customer base includes multiple organizations in the government sector like the State of Kansas looking for a single platform to strengthen remote access management, data security, and compliance, including:

  • Native SAML/ADFS Compatibility And PeopleSoft MFA Integration: Integrating single sign-on and multi-factor authentication natively with PeopleSoft and your identity provider improves security and convenience. Integrated MFA also enables step-up authentication, so users can be forced to re-authenticate when accessing highly sensitive transactions.
  • Contextual Access Control For Greater Security: Reduce the attack surface with dynamic data masking tools that take into account the contextual variables of a user’s access and define privileges in real time. Implement least privilege to limit access to modules/transactions, dynamically mask sensitive data, enforce step-up MFA, and more.
  • Real-Time Analytics For Improved Response Times: Enhanced PeopleSoft logging capabilities capture all user activity at the field, page, and component levels and combine them with contextual user data. Real-time visualized dashboards allow you to quickly spot suspicious activity and drill down to root out issues.

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Customer Profile: The State of Kansas administrative office comprises over 100 state agencies to provide exceptional community, family, health, education, security, transportation, and more services to the citizens of Kansas.

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