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As organizations continue to undergo digital transformation and SAP S/4HANA migration efforts, their business-critical SAP systems increasingly reside across complex, hybrid, on-premise, SaaS, and public cloud environments. Not only does this make managing SAP security an arduous task, but it also exposes your SAP ecosystem to new attack vectors and increases the overall attack surface.

Considering this evolving threat landscape, SAP systems are at risk to constantly emerging threats and must leverage automation to establish real-time threat detection and response capabilities. Join Pathlock for a webinar that talks about employing proactive threat detection to continuously safeguard your business-critical SAP systems and how leveraging software drives security awareness across security, audit, and executive management teams.

In this session, our SAP security experts will cover:

  • Why threat detection is integral to a holistic SAP security program
  • How to utilize software and automation to align security teams and business leaders
  • How to manage security and threat data using SAP-based and SIEM-based solutions
  • Using automation to identify and analyze complex, interrelated threat patterns
  • Why an optimized SAP security solution is paramount to achieve real-time threat detection and how Pathlock can save your security teams time and money


         Raphael Kelbert | Product Manager- Threat Detection & Response | Pathlock

         Jonathan Stross | Solution Engineer | Pathlock

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