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PeopleSoft teams are tasked with getting users into critical systems like PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM quickly. This process plays an important role in supporting user productivity – so efficiency and scale are always an objective. That said, as many IT teams find themselves needing to achieve greater process efficiency (with tighter budgets), the logical choice is to turn to automation. This always prompts the question, ‘should I invest the time and resources into developing a home grown, customized solution or should you scope a third-party solution?’

Pathlock is revolutionizing how PeopleSoft customers automate their critical Identity Governance processes with Pathlock Cloud (PLC.) PLC is the best-of-breed solution for PeopleSoft customers who are looking for maximum efficiency with minimal change management.

Join PeopleSoft expert, Greg Wendt, as he demonstrates how Pathlock Cloud can eliminate much of the manual IT tasks, potential human error, and overall complexity that is synonymous with onboarding and offboarding users into PeopleSoft.

He’ll demonstrate how PLC can deliver:

  • Rapid onboarding including account creation (PSFT and Azure), provisioning, and user alerts.
  • How PLC supports the implementation of strong, consistent security policies.
  • Automated user access reviews that make audits quick and easy.
  • Critical risk analysis that highlights user activity that could be indicative of policy violations.


Greg Wendt
Executive Director of Security Solutions | Pathlock

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