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Navigating a landscape of ever-changing regulations and evolving threats, where data breaches and internal fraud make frequent headlines, robust controls monitoring has become more critical than ever. Organizations need visibility into their control environments to mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and safeguard their sensitive data. However, getting this visibility with manual controls monitoring is resource-intensive and prone to errors and omissions.

At Pathlock, we understand this pressing need, which is why we’re proud to announce the availability of our groundbreaking Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) product, seamlessly integrated into the Pathlock Cloud platform.

What is Continuous Controls Monitoring?

Traditional monitoring approaches often rely on periodic, manual assessments, leaving organizations vulnerable to risks that may emerge between testing cycles. CCM addresses this challenge by providing real-time, automated monitoring of your critical business processes and controls.

Pathlock Cloud’s CCM product empowers you to:

  • Proactively Detect Control Failures: Our CCM product constantly scans your systems, pinpointing potential control weaknesses. This enables you to take swift corrective actions, minimizing the impact of non-compliance events.
  • Quantify Risk Exposure: Pathlock Cloud doesn’t just identify control deficiencies; it quantifies the associated risks in financial terms. This data-driven approach helps you prioritize risk remediation efforts and make informed decisions about risk mitigation strategies.
  • Gain Real-Time Visibility: With CCM, you get a 24/7 view into your control environment. Dashboards and alerts provide immediate insights into critical risk areas, empowering you to make timely, data-backed decisions.

Key Capabilities of Pathlock Cloud’s CCM

Our CCM product offers a comprehensive suite of features to streamline your controls monitoring and risk management processes:

  • Controls Management: Easily define, document, and maintain your key controls within a centralized repository. Pathlock Cloud supports the mapping of controls to relevant regulations and frameworks, ensuring alignment with industry standards.
  • Risk Quantification: Assess the financial impact of potential control failures. CCM calculates risk exposure based on configurable parameters tailored to your specific risk tolerance.
  • Change Monitoring: Track modifications to configurations and master data that could affect control effectiveness. Continuous monitoring of changes ensures your controls remain robust and up to date.
  • 100% Monitoring of SAP Transactions: Achieve unprecedented visibility into your SAP environment. Pathlock’s CCM product analyzes your SAP transactions, flagging any potential Separation of Duties (SoD) violations for immediate review.

The Pathlock Cloud Advantage

By integrating CCM into the Pathlock Cloud platform, we offer a unique set of benefits:

  • Simplified Deployment and Management: Our cloud-based solution eliminates the need for complex on-premises installations and hardware maintenance. Get up and running quickly and scale your controls monitoring seamlessly as your organization grows.
  • Unified Access Controls: CCM works with Pathlock’s access governance solutions, providing a holistic view of your risk landscape. This integrated approach enables you to identify and address potential vulnerabilities across your entire enterprise application environment.

Start Your CCM Journey Today

If you’re ready to transform your compliance and risk management with Continuous Controls Monitoring, we invite you to schedule a demo of the Pathlock Cloud platform. Experience firsthand how our CCM product can help you achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind.

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