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Surface and Resolve Configuration Risks Across Any Ecosystem of Business Critical Applications

Continuously monitor and enforce configurations across enterprise cloud applications to ensure compliance and close gaps between intended security policies and actual security posture.


Access Control Policies Are Only as Secure as the Configuration of Your Apps

Your teams spend hours defining roles, performing risk analysis, managing user access reviews, and provisioning users with specific access – however, all of this work can amount to little defense against major threats if your applications are improperly configured.

Bad actors can easily use common, known exploits in application configuration to provide a back door entrance around even the best access control infrastructure.

As more enterprises adopt and utilize a growing number of SaaS applications, defining, monitoring, and enforcing the proper configurations across this continuously changing landscape is daunting, making cross-app security posture a critical component of enterprise security.

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Cross Application Security Posture Management With Pathlock

Pathlock automatically monitors for misconfigurations across any number of enterprise cloud applications and enforces the proper policies where needed to ensure automated, continuous compliance and security.

Define, Monitor, and Enforce Security Posturing and Configurations Across Leading Applications
Automatically remediate misconfigurations across any combination of cloud and on-premise business applications.
Ensure continuous compliance, audit-readiness, and timely resolution of violations and misconfigurations.
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Find out how Pathlock’s data, identity, and access governance platform helps supercharge Fortune 2000 companies on their journey towards zero-trust and continuous compliance