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SAP systems often serve as the backbone of an enterprise’s business processes. They enable access to sensitive data and critical processes that have a direct financial impact on the business, making them prime targets for intruders to gain undetected access. While several threat detection solutions are available, the sheer scale and complexity of SAP applications require a solution that understands the intricacies of how SAP systems function and can utilize this knowledge to quickly identify advanced threats amid a sea of transactions that occur daily.

What Makes SAP Security Challenging?

Complexity of the SAP Landscape: It is well known that SAP systems are often very complex and extensive. There are many different modules and configurations, all of which can have different security requirements. It is challenging for even experienced security professionals to monitor all aspects of the system and ensure they are properly protected.

Lack of Visibility: SAP systems handle vast amounts of data and transactions, making it difficult to gain comprehensive visibility into all activities. The sheer volume of logs and events generated by SAP systems can overwhelm security teams. Also, most attacks happen over several weeks or even months, making it difficult to pinpoint relevant security incidents amidst the noise. Additionally, SIEM solutions used to monitor the rest of your IT infrastructure usually don’t integrate with SAP applications.

Advanced and Evolving Threat Landscape: Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to penetrate SAP systems and steal or manipulate sensitive information. This means that new threats and attack vectors are constantly emerging and need to be identified and combatted. This requires continuous monitoring of systems and a deep understanding of the current threat landscape.

SAP Threat Detection with Pathlock

Pathlock’s integrated Threat Detection and Response module combines advanced analytics with real-time monitoring to deliver an effective and comprehensive threat detection solution for your SAP applications.

Simplify Threat Detection: Pathlock identifies anomalies and suspicious activity across your SAP landscape, including your system configuration, authorizations, security and change logs, and unwanted downloads in real time. The module immediately triggers alerts when a security incident occurs and prioritizes response with rule-based filtering and alerts, enabling you to focus on remediating your most critical threats first.

Comprehensive Visibility: The module continuously scans your SAP applications and identifies suspicious activity from over 60 threat-relevant data sources as soon as it is implemented. It also provides integrated security dashboards for your SAP application ecosystem to deliver a complete view of the threat landscape. By integrating with popular SIEM tools, Pathlock ensures that SAP applications are included in your overall risk monitoring and assessment initiatives.

Countering Advanced Threats: By analyzing logs from more than 60 data sources, the solution can identify individual critical events and automatically recognize combinations of non-critical/complex events to detect threats in your application environment. This enables you to quickly and accurately identify potential threats to your SAP systems and take the appropriate countermeasures to better protect your business processes, data, and gain a competitive advantage.

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