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Detect and Prevent Abnormal User and Entity Behavior Across All Applications

Pathlock’s Industry Leading AI analyzes user and entity behavior across the leading business applications to quantify risk and detect potential threats right when they happen – even when outside the scope of defined policies and rulesets.

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Cross-Application User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Are a Necessity for the Modern Enterprise

As organizations continue to leverage a growing number of disparate cloud and on-premise applications for their business operations, normalizing and analyzing suspicious activity across all of these applications becomes incredibly complex and increasingly risky, leaving enterprises prone to cyber-attacks and insider-threats.


The Industry’s Leading UEBA Platform for Enterprises

Pathlock’s risk scoring leverages proprietary AI adaptive to generate comprehensive user and entity risk scores spanning your entire ecosystem of business applications. Risk profiles empower security teams to focus on the most riskiest activity, increasing their ability to prevent or diagnose active insider-threats or potential malware attacks with limited resources.

Cross-Application UEBA
Pathlock’s risk scoring normalizes user behavior across the leading business applications, providing all of the context needed for the rapid detection of risks like insider-threats or malware attacks that would normally go undetected.
Detect Novel Threat Patterns
Pathlock’s risk scoring quantifies risk on a per-entity level, connecting the dots across user sessions to identify novel threat patterns that would normally go undetected by simple rule-based policies.
Robust Analytics and Reporting
Robust analytics help you correlate entity behaviors that have been flagged as abnormal to give an accurate diagnosis of potential risks and their severity. Alerts can be integrated and sent to SIEM’s like Splunk, LogRhythm, or qRadar.
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Find out how Pathlock’s data, identity, and access governance platform helps supercharge Fortune 2000 companies on their journey towards zero-trust and continuous compliance