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Minimize Data Compliance Risk With Pathlock’s Sensitive Data Scanner

Pathlock automatically uncovers sensitive data that exists across all of your cloud and on-premise applications, making it easy to enforce universal data governance policies that reduce compliance risk.

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Automatically Discover, Categorize, and Remediate Sensitive Data

Pathlock’s sensitive data discovery solution surfaces structured and structured sensitive data across all cloud, hybrid, or on-premise application landscapes, helping enterprises reduce compliance risk and bolster data security.


Classify and Tag Sensitive Data Based on Content, Source, and Risk-score

Pathlock lets you create standardized tagging and classification rules for uncovered sensitive data across different cloud, hybrid, and on-premise ecosystems for fast and effective triaging and risk analysis.

Standard classification rulesets work out-of-the-box to categorize and tag common types of sensitive data like credit card numbers, medical information, and more.


Protect Sensitive Data from Internal and External Threats

  • Permanently mask sensitive data without disrupting underlying database or application functions

  • Establish robust role or attribute based access controls for uncovered sensitive data

  • Leverage static or dynamic data masking and anonymization to secure sensitive data without hindering end-user productivity
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Sensitive Data Discovery With Pathlock

Scan for sensitive data across your entire ecosystem of cloud, hybrid, and on-prem applications. Pathlock works out-of-the-box with the leading applications and databases.
Pathlock’s AI automatically categorizes and triages sensitive data based on content, context, and risk so you can automate error-prone manual processes and save time/reduce compliance risk.
Quickly take action and flag, mask, or properly erase discovered sensitive data in accordance to your data governance policies.
Automate the remediation of discovered sensitive data based on data type, risk level, and more to save time and reduce risk.
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