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While phishing attacks against self-service users may be the most common threat to PeopleSoft - the compromise and corruption of privileged user credentials is hands-down the most destructive.

To make matters worse, most PeopleSoft Admin and IT Teams use shared credentials, which makes understanding what happened (in the case of a security incident) that much more complicated. It's these moments when putting a face/name of a person to a specific action is of the utmost importance.

Join us as PeopleSoft Security expert, Greg Wendt discusses and demonstrates PeopleSoft Privileged Access Management (PAM) by Pathlock comes in! PAM monitors privileged user sessions and transactions, so insider risk is proactively identified and mitigated. PeopleSoft customers can have peace of mind knowing that if privileged users perform a policy violation, they will be notified, and the violation will be remediated.

Get the visibility you need to keep your PeopleSoft systems secure!


         Greg Wendt | Executive Director of Security Solutions | Pathlock

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