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Users often have access to the applications and systems as per their previous roles, even after changing their job roles or leaving the organization. When unused roles and permissions build up, it's difficult to adhere to compliance regulations like SOX, GDPR, etc. IT administrators use manual methods like spreadsheets to assess the actual usage of the users' roles based on their current authorizations. Manual Role cleanup processes are complex and usually take more than 6 months based on the number of custom roles in use.

Automating periodic role cleanups and user access reviews can increase productivity and save time by 80% while tracking user activities.

Join this session as we discuss how to streamline PeopleSoft role management processes while meeting compliance requirements.

In this session, you will:

  • Unlock role management and user provisioning process efficiencies
  • Identify and rectify SoD conflicts in minutes
  • Automate 90%+ of access requests
  • Perform user access reviews in hours, not weeks

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