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Join Pathlock in our informative webinar as we delve deep into the evolving threats in today's digital business environment, emphasizing the vital role of SAP systems. With cybercriminals increasingly targeting these systems due to their valuable data, relying solely on manual processes is no longer sufficient. Learn about the criticality of automated threat detection for your SAP systems and how software can empower organizations by optimizing time, reducing errors, and enhancing security visibility.

Our SAP Cybersecurity specialists will discuss:

  • The centrality of threat detection in a robust SAP cybersecurity strategy.
  • Best practices for collating and interpreting SAP threat data with SIEM-based tools.
  • The benefits of automation in analyzing multifaceted threat anomalies.
  • The limitations of a manual-only approach in the face of intricate threat dynamics.
  • How automation offers efficiency and accuracy gains for Basis teams.

Ensure your organization stays ahead in safeguarding its crucial SAP systems.

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