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Typically, SAP system landscapes consist of at least three systems - production, quality assurance and development. During this webinar we will address the threats within SAP Transport Management, which is used to manage the delivery of development objects, patches, and roles to ensure your organization has a consistent update level throughout the whole landscape. Usually, users in development systems, such as transport management, have a wide range of authorizations to analyze and fix. Additionally, they often need to be authorized to attach changes into a transport system and deliver them to subsequent systems. This inevitable concept is also a massive threat in several layers. It means even the most restricted production system can be easily changed by the user, especially if you aren’t paying attention to the whole landscape.

In this session, we will give you a first impression of the threat within an SAP Transportation System. As well as demonstrate these treats and discuss the different safety layers to minimize weak points, detect possible threats and the show the limits of SAP built-in tools.

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