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Access outside the firewall, evolving regulatory environments, user-centric cyber threats like phishing, and data misuse by insiders represent only SOME of the risks that your PeopleSoft HCM and Financial data are subject to. Since protecting sensitive data has become a board level responsibility, IT and application leaders are tasked with finding methods to improve an organization’s level of control and visibility around data access.

Thankfully, there is a solution that doesn’t come with more user friction and restriction – and the PeopleSoft security experts at Pathlock are here to help you be a hero to your organization!

Join Greg Wendt as he outlines key areas to focus on and provides solutions that are designed to enable PeopleSoft data control and visibility.

  • Native integration strategies for IAM solutions like SSO and MFA.
  • Enhanced visibility around privileged access sessions that are guaranteed to satisfy your auditors.
  • Automated workflows for user provisioning that provide continuous compliance throughout a user’s joiner/mover/leaver lifecycle.
  • Enhanced logging that focuses on understanding user behavior.


Greg Wendt
Executive Director of Security Solutions | Pathlock

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