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Effective Vulnerability Management is a crucial aspect of a comprehensive SAP cybersecurity program. However, organizations often face challenges while implementing proactive vulnerability management due to the manual and time-consuming processes involved. These challenges often lead to overlooked vulnerabilities, reactive patching efforts, and inefficient utilization of security teams’ time and resources.

To overcome these challenges and their related consequences, SAP security teams need automation to comprehensively identify emerging code and system configuration vulnerabilities. In addition, data-driven workflow and security intelligence are paramount to accurately apply patches and prioritize remediation efforts.

Join Pathlock for a webinar that will explain why automation is crucial to establish effective SAP vulnerability management and how it enables a continuous monitoring approach to vulnerability detection and remediation. 

Specifically, our SAP security experts will cover:

  • What is vulnerability management, and why is it needed.
  • Why vulnerability management is the first line of defense against threats and costly breaches.
  • Who requires visibility of vulnerability management efforts and how automation drives security awareness, collaboration, and accountability across security, audit and Basis teams, as well as application owners and executives.
  • How automation enables continuous monitoring of SAP vulnerabilities.
  • How Pathlock can save your SAP security team time and money.


Anand Kotti
Director of Solutions Engineering | Pathlock

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