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SAP systems are at the heart of many organizations’ business-critical operations. To appropriately configure their SAP implementations, organizations must customize their applications via ABAP code. Unfortunately, with this extensive customization comes an increased attack surface and code that frequently becomes vulnerable and outdated over time. In fact, as much as 60% of an organization’s custom ABAP code is obsolete at any given time.

Considering the sheer amount of vulnerable code that organizations are faced with, SAP security teams require automation to continuously identify, monitor, and patch emerging code vulnerabilities that are exposing their business-critical systems. Without automation, organizations will suffer from significant blind spots in the oversight of ABAP code, potentially leading to costly application breaches.

Join Pathlock for a webinar that talks about why automation is paramount to secure SAP systems and how continuous code scanning is the cornerstone to effective SAP cybersecurity and risk management. Specifically, our SAP security experts will cover:

  • Why organizations require automation to secure their SAP systems at the code level.
  • Why proactive code scanning is paramount to minimize SAP vulnerability exposure.
  • How automation drives visibility, collaboration, and accountability between SAP security and development teams.
  • How automation enables a continuous monitoring approach to ABAP code security and improves patching initiatives.
  • How Pathlock enhances capabilities of the SAP ABAP Test Cockpit (SAP ATC) standard solution.
  • How Pathlock saves security and development teams time, resources, and money.


Clemens Guetter
Product Manager – Vulnerability Management, Code Scanning, and Transport Control

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