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Pathlock is excited to unveil a new release of our Application Access Governance (AAG) product within our risk and compliance platform, Pathlock Cloud. This release marks a pivotal advancement in our mission to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive application GRC platform.

Unlike other industry solutions focused on a single or limited number of applications, Pathlock AAG automates the vast majority of manual processes required to reduce the risks associated with application access across critical business systems. Not only does it cut down compliance costs, but it also provides deep insights into various applications. And, thanks to our industry-leading library of controls content, Pathlock Cloud empowers organizations to achieve precise and streamlined compliance across diverse application environments.

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Bridging the IT Governance Gap

In the rapidly advancing IT sector, compliance and governance have never been more critical. When navigating the complexities of Line-of-Business (LoB) applications, especially in fluctuating work settings, companies often grapple with ensuring that employee access remains appropriate and minimal. The overarching aim? Adopting a Zero Risk stance to prevent potential security breaches. This strategy underscores the need for robust mechanisms to enforce compliance and address SoD violations effectively.

Pathlock’s AAG aims to fill this governance gap, offering detailed visibility and leveraging automation for enhanced productivity. The product not only reduces resource requirements but also ensures a safer environment for business applications.

The Key Benefits of Pathlock AAG

AAG provides comprehensive insights across a broad spectrum of critical business systems. Its primary advantage is the capacity to automate many of the processes that have traditionally been manual, aiming to reduce associated risks.

With the release of AAG in Pathlock Cloud, users will have access to the following modules:

  • Access Risk Analysis – automates the reporting and mitigating of Separation of Duties (SoD) violations and Sensitive Access Risks occurring across the business and IT.   
  • Compliant Provisioning – automates the process of user provisioning with the ability to ensure compliance with business and regulatory requirements through preventative risk checks and policy-driven automated workflows.  
  • Certifications – automates user access reviews, risk and control revalidations, and more as part of the continuous refinement of entitlement assignments to manage and reduce risks.  
  • Elevated Access Management – facilitates temporary, time-bound, privileged access checkouts, monitors privileged use, and collects action logs with the ability to enforce controls and automate log review. 
  • Role Management – facilitates the building of compliant technical and business roles with risk simulation analysis. 

The new release of Pathlock AAG provides fine-grain visibility across the breadth and depth of LoB applications and harnesses automation to improve the productivity and efficiency of IT, business, and audit teams in providing a risk-free environment. With AAG, controls testing costs and resource requirements are significantly reduced while providing a more robust audit trail. Companies can onboard and provision users more quickly while providing a more secure environment.

Pathlock Receives Significant Recognition in the Latest KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass Reports

Pathlock was recently named an overall leader in KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass report, titled “Access Control Tools for Multi-Vendor LoB Environments.” Pathlock received this recognition in light of the company’s product capabilities, innovation, and market reach. This report highlights Pathlock’s commitment to providing excellent access control tools and catering to the specific needs of IT security professionals and auditors.

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