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With the influx of remote access demands, VPN vendors are no doubt having their moment. This is 100% warranted, but organizations must be prepared for the avalanche of bad actors scanning these services, scrutinizing for vulnerabilities. Needless to say, these services must be patched and up-to-date, but relying on a VPN may have once been a source of comfort – but it’s no longer an adequate measure by itself.

Multi-Factor Authentication Has Become Table Stakes

Like any IT service, downtime and outages are inevitable. In the event of a system-wide vendor outage, this can spell catastrophe. VPN services have never been taxed more than now, resulting in nervous IT staff analyzing performance and availability metrics. The best way to ensure a proactive approach to application and data security is to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA). Given the expected increase in VPN phishing attacks, an MFA has become table stakes for ensuring authorized access. Even with valid credentials, a hacker will not be successful if an MFA is in place.

Controlling Access (Not Just Authentication) is Paramount

Authentication aside, a myriad of security risks can emerge from authorized users. Remote access is where data becomes most vulnerable, especially high privilege access. Many users may prefer to use their personal devices for work – in some cases, this may become a necessity (ex. how does your help desk fix a broken machine when the entire organization is remote?) The use of a personal machine means organizations must consider how secure that personal machine is and what data files can be accessed. Data exfiltration becomes a significant liability when access is via a personal machine.

Needless to say, (mandatory) remote access throws many unpredictable variables at IT teams, but if keeping data safe is important (not just keeping application access secure), than a VPN may be only one of many solutions to consider.

Pathlock Enables you to Strengthen Authentication, Access Control, and Monitoring

The Pathlock ERP Data Security Platform was designed to give organizations complete control and visibility over their ERP data. While the instinct might be to strengthen the authentication process via VPN, it should be noted that vulnerabilities still remain – and Pathlock can help.

For PeopleSoft

We help by integrating solutions like Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication for PeopleSoft – along with access controls that dynamically change with various contexts of access (location, device, time-of-day, etc.) In addition, we provide granular logging and analytics that can help you quickly detect and remediate a security threat.


We enable SAP customers to dynamically control access and enhance their visibility – along with execute and enforce transaction-level data policies. All designed to prevent financial losses due to fraud theft and error in high value transactions.

We invite you to learn more about these solutions and discover how the Pathlock platform is the perfect complement to your enterprise security and GRC strategy. If you’re using a VPN, enterprise SSO and/or MFA (ex. OKTA, Duo, etc.), or SAP GRC module(s) – we can bolster your security posture and limit your risk during these unpredictable times.

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