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Many SAP customers rely on SAP Access Control (SAP AC) to manage access and establish internal controls across their SAP applications. However, SAP AC only covers ABAP-based SAP applications, leaving cloud applications such as SAP Ariba outside its scope. This means that each compliance and access policy must be recreated using Ariba’s native controls, which adds complexity to your compliance efforts and requires significant time and resources to keep Ariba up to date.

Consistent Compliance – No Compromise

In practice, SAP customers have processes, rules, and policies set up in SAP Access Control, which then acts as a single point of governance for ABAP-based SAP applications. Pathlock enables you to take advantage of your existing compliance framework in SAP AC and extend it to Ariba with a simple and efficient integration.

The Pathlock SAP AC integration for Ariba allows security and audit teams to bring Ariba under the scope of your organization-wide compliance initiatives without additional effort and the need to train on third-party solutions. Ariba users can be provisioned, monitored, controlled, and audited using SAP AC – a tool that your teams are already familiar with.

The Pathlock integration transforms SAP Access Control into a common access governance platform for both SAP ABAP and cloud applications. As a result, you get a unified view of risk and the ability to identify and mitigate cross-application risks.

Extend SAP Access Control Capabilities to Ariba with Pathlock

Extending SAP Access Control using Pathlock enables you to efficiently execute multiple critical compliance processes in Ariba:

Separation of Duties: Pathlock ensures quick time-to-value for your organization by reducing risk and costs using an automated, cross-application approach to risk analysis. Equipped with pre-defined, easily customizable rulesets, Pathlock enables a centralized view of Separation of Duties (SoD) risks in SAP AC and the ability to quickly resolve existing role conflicts between SAP and Ariba apps, eliminating the need for traditional risk identification using spreadsheets.

User Provisioning: Existing workflows and approval processes in AC can be extended to include Ariba applications, saving time, effort, and costs. Additionally, the scalable, real-time SoD and sensitive access analysis allow requestors, approvers, and auditors to understand the implications of each request and mitigate risk – all within SAP AC.

Privilege Access Monitoring: SAP customers can manage all privileged sessions in Ariba applications through a single interface, and security teams are alerted if privileged users perform a policy violation. Pathlock also ensures audit readiness (out-of-the-box) with reports that meet internal and external audit requirements.

Change Synching: Pathlock facilitates synching of approval and purchasing limits, ensuring Ariba User Attributes stay current with the Source System. This eliminates the need to manually sync data or create a non-standard workaround that could introduce the risk of non-compliance.

SAP customers rely on Ariba for their procure-to-pay processes and vendor management, making it a security and audit priority. Pathlock’s integration is an efficient and cost-effective way to govern access and mitigate cross-application risks between your SAP applications.

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