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Regulations are simply a part of doing business in today’s complex, global economy, but staying current with regulatory changes and ensuring organizational compliance is anything but simple. But by taking a holistic, proactive approach to compliance, organizations can assess and respond to changes in regulations without missing a beat.

Regulations have a direct impact on processes throughout the organization, from legal and finance to compliance and IT.  Written and enforced by a variety of bodies – local, state, national, and international – regulations can be repetitive or contradictory, and the systems used to propagate regulations and changes vary.

Using Pathlock’s Regulation Management, your organization can capture, assess, and respond to regulatory changes quickly and accurately. You can accelerate compliance with new and changing mandates, reduce duplicate efforts, and enable continuous compliance across the enterprise.  With holistic management and reporting on regulatory and compliance requirements you can eliminate compliance violations, reduce risk and increase operational efficiencies.

Assess and respond to regulatory changes with confidence

Pathlock provides enhanced visibility and enables your organization to take a holistic approach to managing and regulatory and compliance requirements from start to finish by:

  • Reporting on regulatory requirements centrally
  • Prioritizing the impact of changes to the business
  • Eliminating silos and enabling standardization
  • Establishing accountability among stakeholders

Accelerate compliance with new and changing mandates

Change is the one constant when it comes to today’s regulatory environment. Pathlock enables you to align regulatory requirements with internal control activities and operational execution to speed up compliance by:

  • Identifying and addressing gaps in meeting new compliance requirements
  • Eliminate control redundancies
  • Demonstrate a regulatory compliance process for auditability
  • Automate operational execution, compliance testing, and audit reporting of controls across your enterprise

Pathlock provides the key for your organization to navigate regulatory changes with confidence. The solution centralizes the disparate landscape of regulatory requirements, facilitates collaborative decision-making processes between stakeholders, and integrates operational and internal controls processes so that compliance becomes a by-product of controls best practices. Click here to learn more.

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