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Instead of implementing and relying on manual processes to meet governance standards and objectives, you can arm your Audit, Compliance and Business teams with Pathlock to automate the process and eliminate the possibility of control failures.  More importantly, you can provide visibility to real risk that can drive change to reduce your company’s risk exposure.

Pathlock’s Access Violation Management (AVM) solution automates the identification of materialized risks vs. identifying who could perform risky activities. Who better than the business to view, control, measure, and dynamically adapt business processes based on actual exposure posed by real user risks?  AVM utilizes 100% transaction monitoring to focus business reviews on real risks via actionable reports and because the reviews are on line, an end-to-end audit trail proves compliance. Only the information required for review is delivered to the business to facilitate business ownership of the control process.

With AVM, you will be able to:

  • Ensure Audit Readiness
  • Drive change by quantifying the financial exposure of access risk
  • Implement exception-based monitoring for actual segregation of duties conflicts with on-line review and sign-off

Business users are able to review data 90% faster than manual processes and the data is more accurate with AVM.  Business owners derive more value from the compliance process by spending their time reviewing and valuable and correct data versus spending time trying to deal with false positives.

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