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Easily Quantify and Lower Risk Across the Entire Enterprise

Pathlock’s proprietary, adaptive risk score is a quantifiable number that directly represents real time risk, giving enterprises an actionable path to improved security and compliance. 


The Only Solution That Can Measure Undefined Risk

No solution can create specific rules for every action that could represents risk, since security vulnerabilities are in constant flux as bad actors play a game of cat and mouse with application developers.

Similar to the heuristics that insurance companies use to evaluate driving behavior, Pathlock goes beyond specifically and manually defined risk scoring of standard actions by establishing a baseline risk score that constitutes “normal behavior”.  With this information, Pathlock’s proprietary system can identify risky behavior not specifically defined, based on how far user entity behaviors deviate from the baseline.

Risk Score

Why Pathlock’s Risk Scoring Leads the Industry

Rather than simplistic labels like “low risk” or “high risk”, Pathlock gives enterprises a quantifiable and holistic risk score based on all activity across their entire ecosystem of applications.

Risk scores directly represent actual business risk, and provide visibility to security and compliance teams. Now, you can easily diagnose, triage, and resolve issues quickly and effectively, and focus on remediating risk rather than finding it. 

Continuous and Real-time

Quantifiable and Achievable ROI

Pathlock’s risk score and robust reporting capabilities allow enterprises to understand and identify the highest impact actions that will lead to meaningful gains in compliance and application security.

Holistic, Cross Application Risk Analysis

Pathlock gives enterprises a holistic and unified view of risk, integrating with the leading business applications out of the box with pre-built rulesets and configurations for any combination of apps in your ecosystem.

Continuous, Real-time, and Predictive

Pathlock automatically surfaces current and developing risks in real-time, allowing security teams and application owners to think one step ahead and prevent threats before they happen.

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Find out how Pathlock’s data, identity, and access governance platform helps supercharge Fortune 2000 companies on their journey towards zero-trust and continuous compliance