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Hackensack Meridian Health Secures PeopleSoft With Pathlock’s SAML SSO & Inline MFA

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Hackensack 2
Hackensack Meridian Health New Jersey, U.S.A
Industry Healthcare
Employees 33,000+
Pathlock Solution Inline MFASAML SSO


Hackensack’s IT leadership realized early on that delivering secure remote access to thousands of employees would bring new security challenges. As HMH set out to deploy Duo Security’s Single Sign-On and 2-Factor Authentication solutions, the company faced difficulties with PeopleSoft’s lack of support for SAML-based identity providers. Additionally, HMH sought a way to further minimize the risks associated with opening PeopleSoft access to the public internet.


HMH leveraged Pathlock Native to secure their PeopleSoft environment on multiple fronts. With our solution, Hackensack was able to integrate Duo Security’s SAML-based authentication natively with PeopleSoft – requiring no additional hardware or custom development. With Duo connected to PeopleSoft, HMH improved their identity management capabilities with the addition of SAML SSO and inline MFA functionalities for PeopleSoft HCM users, in turn, securing remote access from external threats. To enhance PeopleSoft’s access control capabilities, Hackensack deployed Pathlock’s context aware controls to restrict remote access for both regular and high privileged users. To reduce the potential exposure of sensitive information, user accounts were restricted to only self-service functionality when accessed remotely. For high privileged users, as well as local accounts such as admins, access was entirely restricted to the organization’s secure network only.


Using Pathlock Native, Hackensack enhanced the security of PeopleSoft and was able to confidently deploy Fluid UI Self-Service to thousands of employees anywhere, on any device. Equipped with native SAML compatibility in PeopleSoft, HMH was able to quickly integrate Duo’s SSO and 2FA solutions to simplify user authentication and secure remote access. While protecting their users’ most sensitive data, HMH leveraged the flexibility of Pathlock’s solution to implement a system that did not compromise on PeopleSoft’s usability.