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Access Violation Management

Whether it is public or private, managing access to data enforces strict access protocols. Protected systems ensure that clients’ data never falls into the wrong hands. Without access violation management, there is no way to provide the access permissions that trigger alerts upon violation.

Pathlock Technologies offers systems-wide management of all enterprise data to meticulously analyze and detect risks, provide alerts and block access to said data if a high risk situation occurs. Their company also provides support to quickly resolve access violation issues.

The software runs impeccably on various platforms, including Windows 2000, as well as the newer 64-bit versions, using the client-server model.  It uses wizards during the installation process to customize the software and meet any organization’s needs, now and in years to come.

File access violation

Rights to individual file access are first established, and then controlled by the software. Upon completion of the installation, data stored on the computer system contains attributes to provide security at every level. This enables the person who creates a file to also own it (have unique access to it). This owner-only access keeps any other user on the system from being able to access the private information one is working with, and protects the other user’s data, as well. This personal file level access is also available for large groups of data grouped together such as directory level access.

The software’s administrative rights access takes ownership of data for administrative purposes, such as backups for redundancy. This redundancy will assist in ensuring that the data is always available. Upon accidental loss of data, it is possible to restore the data from backup sets.

This software also provides computer level access. Computer level access ensures that only appropriate users can access the local computer or local network (the local system). The local system is fully protected by a software firewall, to provide strict access control. The closed system rejects attempts to access it without permission. Then, the system sends an appropriate alert of the attempt on the system, and the administrator devises a solution.

SAP Access Violation Management by Pathlock provides organizations and end users with security in real-time, imparting mutual benefits.  It guards the privacy and finances of the end users. Businesses diminish costs and losses, and quickly maximize ROI, as well as heighten the purview and quality of their internal auditing.

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