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Last month, Kuppinger Cole, a globally recognized analyst organization, took a closer look at Pathlock’s Cybersecurity Application Controls (CAC) product in a detailed Executive View report. Known for their impartial and thorough assessments, Kuppinger Cole’s review takes a deep dive into Pathlock CAC’s key features across various modules, helping paint a clear picture of the product’s capabilities.

What Sets Pathlock Apart

The report goes beyond just listing features—it sheds light on what makes Pathlock’s offering stand out. One major highlight is the Dynamic Access Controls (DAC) module, designed for SAP users to implement security controls focused on protecting data at multiple levels: field, application, and database. This module’s ability to identify and mask sensitive data in both live and test environments is a game-changer. Moreover, the DAC module’s attribute-based access control (ABAC) model ensures data access policies are applied based on risk and are centrally managed. This level of sophistication in data security and risk prevention is not something commonly seen in other SAP security solutions.

Another standout feature from the report is Pathlock’s prescriptive remediation. Its Vulnerability Management module provides a dynamic dashboard that prioritizes and details monthly SAP security patches. This helps SAP users stay current with the latest relevant patches while efficiently planning deployment schedules, ultimately reducing costly downtime.

Kuppinger Cole Executive View: Pathlock Cybersecurity Application Controls 

Why Focus on Data-Centric Cybersecurity?

As cybercriminals find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, the real challenge isn’t just about keeping up—it’s about safeguarding your core asset: the data itself. While monitoring threats and managing vulnerabilities are important, there’s never a complete guarantee of security. That’s why Kuppinger Cole’s Executive View praises Pathlock’s emphasis on granular, dynamic access control as a top feature for bolstering SAP security. This approach keeps your data secure at its core, offering peace of mind in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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