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The recently published SAPinsider Cybersecurity Threats to SAP Systems benchmark report reveals some insightful SAP security trends. While many of the traditional security concerns remain, the changing threat landscape has shifted priorities and is impacting strategic decision-making when it comes to protecting SAP data. In this three-part article series, we’ll discuss the key findings of the report.

Part 1: Key Insight | Patching and Software Updates are Critical

SAPinsider surveyed their community between January and March 2022. 47% of respondents said keeping up with software patches and updates was a challenge. The SAP community said unpatched systems are the second most significant threat to their systems.

Along with the imperative that SAP users stay current with patches and updates, the report recommended implementing tools to provide information on the latest patches and software updates and which help administrators stay informed about zero-day vulnerabilities.

Download the Report: SAPinsider Cybersecurity Threats to SAP Systems

Because Pathlock understands the need to keep SAP systems patched and up to date, we recently acquired a leading SAP security vendor to ensure our customers always stay updated. Pathlock acquired SAST Solutions not only to enable our customers to identify missing patches or improper SAP configurations but also to detect and respond to active attacks on their SAP system landscape.

How SAST Solutions (now a part of Pathlock) Simplifies Patching

SAST is a security specialist for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA systems and supports customers in detecting anomalies, hacking attacks, manipulation, and data theft. The SAST System Security Validation solution offers policy-based vulnerability scans that validate all relevant infrastructure and software components with the push of a button. These include:

  • Operating system
  • Database
  • SAP-Configuration
  • OSS-Notes and patch level
  • Configuration of SAP applications
  • Change management, transports, and software development
  • Safety-relevant parameters and settings

SAST System Security Validation enables you to visualize your current SAP patches and identify missing patches. Additionally, SAST stays up to date with SAP Patch Day recommendations to provide monthly updates ensuring your SAP systems are protected from vulnerabilities.

The SAST Suite provides over 4,000 automated checks and security notes that are constantly being updated. It then offers dashboard-based security reporting, which clearly recommends how to eliminate any SAP vulnerabilities.

Pathlock Merger Update

Pathlock recently joined forces with multiple companies through a series of mergers and acquisitions to become the industry’s leading provider of Access Governance and Application Security. Learn more

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