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With the trending adoption of best-in-breed resource planning applications on the rise coupled with an ever-bourgeoning remote workforce armed with digital transformation initiatives, business and financial operations find themselves in hyper-distributed and hyper-complex regulatory compliance landscapes that traditional audit processes and tools are ill-prepared to manage. 

Lack of automation and real-time transaction monitoring, combined with resource-intensive and error-prone manual processes, severely limits visibility into material violations and the actual financial impacts that result. These visibility gaps are especially pertinent across decentralized geographies and disparate ERP's where internal business controls often vary. About 20% of companies report some type of material weakness each quarter, often because manual testing cannot adequately monitor SOX or financial controls, and that raises a flag for auditors. 

Join this webinar to hear how Chevron automates segregation of duty controls and monitors their downstream transactions in real-time to ensure their business environment is always compliant and audit-ready, whether employees are remote or on-site. We’ll walk you through how SAP Access Violation Management by Pathlock is used to automatically identify, review, remediate and report on materialized SOD control violations across multiple countries and ERPs.

Attend this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Eliminate material weaknesses and audit deficiencies resulting from manual report preparation and data massaging
  • Reduce enterprise-wide access governance costs by standardizing SOD control processes across the enterprise.
  • Clearly articulate the financial exposure access risks have on the business and actively mitigate them.
  • Empower risk owners to make access control decisions based on tangible business impact with “did-do” transaction & activity monitoring

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