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Emergency Access Management, Automated and Simplified

Grant temporary access to critical business applications and systems with confidence and security.


EMERGENCY ACCESS MANAGEMENT Audit-Ready Emergency Access via Automated Workflow

Granting emergency access to production systems is a high-risk activity that many auditors will identify as a significant deficiency if not appropriately controlled. In addition, providing manual emergency access can be a tedious process: from reviewing requests and granting temporary access to following up to removing access once the project is complete and providing a well-documented audit trail.

Pathlock allows organizations to streamline their emergency access process while meeting audit and security requirements. The automated process with built-in workflows reduces the need for additional IT resources while adding additional layers of security.


Emergency Access Management Capabilities We Provide

Automated Workflow
Completely automated workflow process, from request and role assignment to provisioning and expiration
Audit-Ready Reporting
Complete, audit-ready activity reporting of who was given access, why, and for how long
Continuous Monitoring
Continuous user monitoring of activities taken while using elevated privileges
AI Driven Scoring
Provides a risk assessment of the proposed access change and offering relevant policies to limit the potential risk

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