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When Cybersecurity Is Weak, Everyone Is Vulnerable

April 4, 2016

When Cybersecurity Is Weak, Everyone Is Vulnerable

The aggressiveness of cyberattacks on the enterprise continues to increase at a shocking rate. Over the past couple of
3d render of a water dam with flowing water.

Utilities are vulnerable to cyberattacks

years, Morgan Stanley, UCLA Health, Experian, Scottrade, Uber and countless others have experienced breaches that have made headlines due to the sensitive nature of data that was stolen. Whether it’s social security numbers, healthcare records or other personally identifiable information, it’s the customers of these enterprises that continue to be hurt by a breach. Their information can be sold on the dark web, so the victims continue to have to be vigilant monitoring their credit reports after a breach. But what happens when a breach isn’t about stealing data but trying to wreak havoc on our way of life? This recently happened in the Ukraine when a cyberattack shut down the power from the Prykarpattyaoblenergo Utility, affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the area. Experts believe this was the first power outage caused by a cyberattack. But it wasn’t the first attack on a utility. The United States recently announced that Iran is responsible for a cyberattack on a small dam in Lawrence, NY that occurred in 2013. During the breach, hackers accessed the control system of the Bowman Avenue Dam, which is used for flood control. No damage was reported from the attack but the message was loud and clear. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York added, “Hackers can come in, as these Iranian hackers did, and hurt our critical infrastructure. What if they open the sluice gates of a dam with a whole lot of people behind it? What if they shut off the power for a large part of the area?” Nothing is safe from a cyberattack and the consequences could be severe if the proper cybersecurity measures aren’t implemented. Now the commander of the Wisconsin National Guard is sounding the alarm to the possibility of a cyberattack taking down the nation’s power grid. He’s calling on plans to be put in place in the event of this type of catastrophe. And President Obama continues to stress the need for stronger cybersecurity measures in place both in the public and private sectors. State Department spokesman Mark Toner recently said, “We’re going to continue to use all the tools at our disposal to deter, detect, counter and mitigate that kind of activity.” This means more than just implementing the latest solutions to thwart cyberwarfare and cybercrime tools. Countless enterprises and agencies are now realizing they also need a solution to connect the threats to the impact on the organization. Take the next step and find out how Pathlock’s Cyber Governance can alert you to areas of exposure. Contact Pathlock today.