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Understand the Financial Exposure of Access Risks

February 14, 2017
Managing the access that business users have to enterprise applications is a balancing act. Granting too much access leaves organizations exposed to higher risk, but granting too little prevents people from doing their jobs and slows business momentum. Organizations need insight into the financial impacts of access risk to make better, more proactive decisions about access governance. By enabling enterprise-wide access governance and articulating the bottom-line impact of access risk, you can drive business changes that mitigate the actual financial exposure of access risk. Things you need to ask include: Do you need to centralize and standardize their processes across business applications and IT systems? What if you could automate the identification and review of actual access violations? Would you like to understand the financial impact of access risks? The solution is Access Violation Management by Pathlock. It will provide you with bottom-line business savings and complete visibility across the people, processes, and technology that support your entire enterprise. Key elements of the solution include:
  • Summarization of the financial dollar value of access violations
  • Exception-based monitoring for business users
  • Comprehensive library of automated segregation-of-duties (SoD) controls
  • Intuitive interface designed for business users
The business benefits of adopting an enterprise approach to access governance are significant. Annual recurring benefits provide for a significant return on investment. It enables you to achieve a more effective overall approach to access governance for: Risk and compliance – Gain confidence in your ability to effectively mitigate risk IT – Centralize access governance activities across enterprise systems Business operations – Reduce manual control activities while minimizing the financial impact of risk, focusing on the areas of greatest risk exposure. Click here to download the Access Risk Management white paper to learn more.