Business Control Packs

Draw on Pathlock’s extensive business controls library or work with us to develop your custom risks to manage and monitor

Customize the access conflicts you manage by implementing additional business controls
Manage the Right Risks
  • Pathlock’s out-of-the-box business rules have you covered for critical SOD risks and data regulations such as SOX, GDPR, and HIPAA
  • With Business Packs, you can manage additional, customized risks beyond our out-of-the-box offering
Enhance Cross-System Controls
  • Specify the access risks you want to monitor in critical business systems
  • Manage these risks across your unique apps and access requirements
Develop Processes Specific to Your Business Risks
  • Manage and monitor activity for the access conflicts that are inherent to your process, industry, and team
  • Don’t get stuck in a box – develop processes and reporting cadences to address your unique needs

Ensure all your systems are covered with our 100+ integrations

Emergency access is three dimensional

  • Business Packs allow your organization to manage access risk across the systems and roles that are unique to your business.
  • With over 100 integrations developed for the most popular apps, Pathlock has you covered as you add new systems.
  • Business Packs makes it easy to add applications to your risk and compliance purview so you can stay compliant and monitor access challenges unique to your business.

See Pathlock in action across systems and applications

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Pathlock’s data protection capabilities have helped us enhance security without disrupting work. Users need to have the right access to do their jobs, and Pathlock tackles that while protecting sensitive information.

Governance Risk and Compliance

Pathlock allows us to find out on a real time basis where access violations are happening, identify exactly what caused them, and review whether action needs to be taken. We’re monitoring millions of activities daily which enables us to focus only on the items that represent true SOD conflicts or risks.

Senior Director

Pathlock retrieves activity data from users so we can understand where access conflicts are. The risk matrix implemented in Pathlock allows us to measure potential impact in Euros for each risk and see the actual user activities that violate access policy. And of course, it’s all automated.

Senior Project Manager
Finance and Audit

At Citrix, we look at access risks and conflicts across systems, not app by app. Pathlock allowed us to standardize and automate access management and SOD analysis across our key systems. We’re more efficient because our teams don’t need to learn new processes for different systems, and we’re more secure because we have cross-system visibility.

Finance and Global Accounting Systems
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Solve SOD conflicts and SOX compliance with automation
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Control Premium
Monitor all user activities across your applications to boost compliance and security
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Control 360
Supercharge data security and privacy controls using conditional access, and authentication down to the field level
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Control 360 Zero Trust
Implement a least privilege model by re-provisioning based on actual usage and strengthening data loss prevention
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