Achieve ultimate data security with dynamic controls, fine grain provisioning, and a least privilege access model


Data security, fortified

Pathlock’s proprietary Risk Score helps your organization compare and prioritize risk mitigation across users, applications, and business units. Act on what matters with clear prioritization.

  • Is a user consistently searching for sensitive data without the right access? Protect the information with data masking and get alerted to a higher Risk Score.
  • Did access change for a group of role-based permissions? Any new SOD conflicts will jump to the top of the queue based on Risk Score.
  • Are the permissions for a recently-acquired business unit out of date? Know immediately where to dig in with Risk Scores for users and applications.
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Be ready for what’s next

Choose a partner who will help you scale on your journey to Zero Trust.

Unlike our competitors, Pathlock’s platform goes far beyond audit and compliance.

Our solutions provide complete visibility into user activities, advanced conditional access, deep UEBA and application security, and Zero Trust usage-based provisioning.

As your organization moves toward a least privilege security model, our solutions will help secure your data every step of the way.

Interested in securing your critical data? Learn how Pathlock can help take your security program to the
next level

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Ensure all your systems are covered with our 100+ integrations

Risk and compliance are three dimensional

  • Pathlock’s solutions allow your organization to manage access across every system that contains critical data and enable users to develop a 360-degree view of risk and compliance.
  • With over 100 integrations developed for the most popular apps, Pathlock has you covered as you add new systems.
  • We make it easy to add applications to your risk and compliance purview so you can understand where access violations exist and fix them for good.

See Pathlock in action across systems and applications

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Pathlock’s data protection capabilities have helped us enhance security without disrupting work. Users need to have the right access to do their jobs, and Pathlock tackles that while protecting sensitive information.

Governance Risk and Compliance
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Solve SOD conflicts and SOX compliance with automation
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Control Premium
Monitor all user activities across your applications to boost compliance and security
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Control 360
Supercharge data security and privacy controls using conditional access, and authentication down to the field level
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Control 360 Zero Trust
Implement a least privilege model by re-provisioning based on actual usage and strengthening data loss prevention
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