Pathlock vs. Strongpoint

Understand why Finance leaders, internal audit teams, and application managers are choosing Pathlock over Strongpoint in head-to-head comparisons

Learn why customers are driving more than 5X higher ROI with Pathlock

Pathlock has TRUE cross application coverage with over 140 integrations and more automation out of the box. As you grow, make sure you have a platform that can cover all your bases. Strongpoint only protects NetSuite and Salesforce.
Features Pathlock

Applications covered

140+ critical systems and applications, including NetSuite, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Workday

NetSuite and Salesforce Only

Basic SOD and risk analysis

Translate Cross-Application SOD Risk

Automated User Access Review Workflows and Dashboards

Group-Level SoD Provisioning and “What If?” Analysis

Beyond SOX – Policies for ICFR, ITGC, GDPR, HIPAA, and more

Violation Monitoring – Hone in on actual risk

Emergency Access Management (EAM) with Complete Session Capture

Quantification of Financial Risk

Prevention of Risk through Targeted Automated Response

Flexible Cloud and On-Premise Deployment

Reduction in Manual Review Hours



Critical differentiators

Pathlock covers more systems,
provides visibility into real user actions, and leads to greater efficiency gains

All systems and applications

Your company’s compliance, risk, and security doesn’t stop at with NetSuite. Pathlock integrates with 140+ critical systems and applications to enable your team to address access and risk across your entire technology landscape.

Strongpoint focuses on a simple NetSuite plugin, which is limited to basic functionality and a single application. Pathlock works across all of your systems to provide comprehensive coverage.

Complete visibility into user actions

Pathlock provides the most comprehensive activity monitoring available, allowing you to see every violation of a control in your critical systems. This enables your team to be proactive about managing risk and by focusing their efforts and attention on actual risk vs. theoretical risk.

Strongpoint provides basic entitlement and role level SOD analysis. Pathlock has that too, but it goes beyond and actually shows what users did do by looking at 100% of activity in the transaction tables themselves. A point-in-time approach can leave gaps in your ability to address security and audit issues.

Pathlock’s data protection capabilities have helped us enhance security without disrupting work. Users need to have the right access to do their jobs, and Pathlock tackles that while protecting sensitive information.

Governance Risk and Compliance

Pathlock allows us to find out on a real time basis where access violations are happening, identify exactly what caused them, and review whether action needs to be taken. We’re monitoring millions of activities daily which enables us to focus only on the items that represent true SOD conflicts or risks, saving over 95% of labor costs.

Senior Director

Pathlock retrieves activity data from users so we can understand where access conflicts are. The risk matrix implemented in Pathlock allows us to measure potential impact in Euros for each risk and see the actual user activities that violate access policy. And of course, it’s all automated.

Senior Project Manager
Finance and Audit

At Citrix, we look at access risks and conflicts across systems, not app by app. Pathlock allowed us to standardize and automate access management and SOD analysis across our key systems. We’re more efficient because our teams don’t need to learn new processes for different systems, and we’re more secure because we have cross-system visibility.

Finance and Global Accounting Systems

Our reporting and documentation are trusted by the leading enterprises and audit firms

Auditors Trust Our Reports

Pathlock’s out-of-the-box reporting is trusted by the leading audit firms, including the Big 4. Our customers have passed countless annual and quarterly audits by relying on our standardized reports.

We’ve spent the last 12+ years honing our solutions to enable customers to pass audits with ease. Pathlock surfaces and prioritizes SOD risks by business impact, then shows you which users have acted on overlapping access. You’ll have a complete audit trail from monitoring activity to automating your response.

No Pathlock customer has ever
filed for a material weakness

Pathlock is trusted by the world’s leading companies. We ensure SOD violations and regulatory issues are discovered, monitored, and fixed–and we never let our clients down. No customer has ever filed for a material weakness after adopting Pathlock’s solutions.

Confirm your organization is compliant with SOX, HIPPA, GDPR, or other data governance regulations. Use our industry-standard reports to prove it to auditors.

Have additional applications that Strongpoint doesn’t support?

Upgrade to true cross-system SOD analysis that covers your ERP and other on-premise or cloud solutions.