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Pathlock Solutions for the Oil, Gas, and Energy Industries

Protecting critical infrastructure and operations from the risk of downtime and data loss

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Embrace Digital Transformation While Maintaining a Rigorous Security Posture

With Pathlock, these critical infrastructure companies can improve their security posture, by erasing the risks posed by outdated access management methods, while at the same time streamlining operations via a fully automated application controls solution.

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Better Controls Equal Better Business

With deep integrations across critical business applications, Pathlock provides a single solution to manage process, access, and IT general controls across cloud and enterprise applications. This provides customers the ability to achieve complete visibility and control of their critical business transactions.

Cross-App Security Posturing
Surface and resolve configuration risks across any ecosystem of business critical applications
Dynamic Risk Scoring
Pathlock is able to present a quantifiable figured that directly represents real time risk, giving enterprises an actionable plan to improve security and compliance
Identity Lifecycle Management
Empower productivity with seamless access provisioning, saving time by automating manual provisioning workflows and user-access reviews
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Find Out How Pathlock Can Help You Secure Your Business Applications

No matter where you are on the journey to automating your controls, enforcing application security, or ensuring compliance, Pathlock is here to help you. Our audit and security experts have decades of experience working for and with the world’s largest organizations.