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NERC CIP 5 Considerations that Implement Action

December 10, 2015

NERC’s Critical Infrastructure Protection has evolved to encompass more in-depth security needs. Since these upgrades continuously become progressively efficient within a 2-year span, it is encouraged that organizations reach a strong consensus on their network accountability. NERC CIP 5 rises to accommodate the demand for competition in its appropriate industries while ensuring the necessary protection needed for sensitive data and power grid utilization.

Remote Access Connections and Internet Outreach Issues

Internet connectivity significantly compromises cyber security. The issue hinges on how any system that’s connected to the internet is at constant risk of a cyber-attack. Even if a worker is unaware of minimal connectivity, hackers and parties with harmful intent will find a way to disrupt system networks. Before policies can be considered, it is vital that necessary implementation is conceptualized and acted upon in areas such as internet access, dial-up, and wireless business and consumer transactions. Data breaches due to connectivity are costly and damaging. Controlling connections reduces the chances of dealing with an attack by using swift detection.

Tackling Compliance and the Power Grid

Compliance plays an objective role in overall security procedures. However, workers who are uninformed and don’t understand compliance create an unsafe work environment. Additionally, expensive monetary penalties come out of the company’s finances. Compliance violations increase hazardous conditions for the power grid’s efficiency and BES stability. Discussing compliance factors at length and immediately training new employees encourages an ethical cyber security culture.

Actionable Measures that Strengthen Physical Security

Once an attacker gets devices and computer systems, vulnerability is heightened and an attack is prevalent. Strengthening physical security requires a detailed assessment and coordination of all personnel in charge of these systems. Organization enforces detection and systematically locks who has authorized access to integral controls. 

Pathlock Technologies provides a comprehensive and tactical security system that limits cyber attacks and respects the privacy of organizations. Contact us to discuss updated strategies and flexible options for NERC CIP 5 considerations.

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