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Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Business Transformation: Improving Efficiency and Financial Growth Lab Life Facts

November 30, 2015

In Any Lab, Data Management is a Challenge.

Business Transformation
Lab workers have a very physical job to do. Dealing with samples or product often has special requirements or protective gear. Handling materials carefully and doing procedures correctly is necessary for safety and quality, as is proper storage and use of reagents and chemicals. Recalcitrant machines that worked fine for the last run might suddenly decide they need a break.

Getting caught up in the process and hands-on aspect is a fact of lab life, and often paperwork and tracking suffers. Ensuring quality control and efficiency of process and production, however, requires proper data management.

Inefficiency or inaccuracy of data reporting and management translates into wasted resources and decreased financial gain.

Business Transformation

Introducing Pathlock Technologies Software into any life science or pharmaceutical industry setting can reduce reporter error and burden, improve data reporting and management efficiencies, and therefore enable financial growth.

Your company’s business transformation can begin by working with Pathlock Technologies to provide a unified governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) approach to enable “a single version of the truth” across all the varied lab processes, no matter who is accessing the data. Enacting automated control monitoring capabilities enables organizations to detect, prevent, resolve and manage risks across user access and transactions.

All of these improvements can increase financial growth for companies that are already in the green, as well as transform borderline successful businesses into financially stable and growing ventures.

Pathlock Technologies has enterprise solutions for life science and pharmaceutical industry needs. 

Contact us to get discuss your needs and business transformation strategy today.