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[Podcast] PeopleSoft Access Security

Michael Cunningham - May 12, 2021

Appsian’s Executive Director for Security Solutions, Greg Wendt, appears in the latest episode of IAM Pulse, a podcast from BIO-key International that discusses all things identity access management.

In this episode, Greg joins host Kimberly Johnson, BIO-key’s VP of Product Marketing, and Greg Browinski, Principal Software Developer at BIO-key International, to talk about making sure PeopleSoft is not isolated from your IAM strategy but instead seamlessly integrated into it.

Listen to the full episode here:

Episode Summary:

Most organizations are running hundreds, if not thousands of applications, with some running the critical operations of the business. This is the case with Oracle PeopleSoft, which runs inventory, financial services, and campus solutions for universities, colleges, and other institutions. However, it can be complicated when it comes to securing this application and break the mold of a company’s IAM strategy. Greg Wendt, Appsian’s Executive Director for Security Solutions, joins the podcast to discuss how to involve PeopleSoft with an IAM strategy.

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