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PeopleSoft Data Privacy: Detecting When Users View Co-Worker PII Data

Michael Cunningham - April 06, 2022

Data privacy is often associated with how companies are allowed to collect and handle customer data. Lost in the data privacy breach headlines is that protecting employee information is just as critical for security and compliance. In fact, we have a lot of organizations who ask us to help them understand if, when, and how an employee is viewing co-worker PII data, especially within the same department.

In this Pathlock solution demo, we’ll show you how real-time analytics can provide granular information and alerts when users are accessing and viewing other employee information.

When organizations using PeopleSoft request the ability to monitor and detect when one employee accesses the PII data of another employee, data privacy isn’t always the number one reason for the request. Data security and employee safety are also factors.

Of course, there are employees who require privileged access to sensitive and personal information to perform their daily tasks. However, those employees most likely do not need to access a co-worker’s PII, especially within the same department.

Beyond data privacy, we’ve heard about situations where an employee would stalk a co-worker. They had a level of access that allowed them to look at the personal information of another employee such as their home address, phone numbers, ID numbers, etc. Pathlock allows you to create alerts around this kind of activity so you can quickly respond in an appropriate manner.

Pathlock’s enhanced PeopleSoft’s logging capabilities and real-time analytics allow you to detect, understand, and report when an employee is viewing co-worker PII data. It provides granular data that shows you the specific employee ID that looked at personal data, the specific data viewed, to whom it belonged, and whether they’re within the same department.

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