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PeopleSoft Data Privacy: Accessing Executive Or Co-Worker Compensation Data

Michael Cunningham - March 31, 2022

When it comes to PeopleSoft data privacy, the financial, reputational, and regulatory impact of having your employees’ or executives’ compensation or personal data accessed can be catastrophic.

In this Pathlock solution demo, you’ll learn how real-time analytics can provide alerts if members of the same department look at each other’s compensation information. Or when a privileged user accesses an executive’s compensation data.

A common request we get from our PeopleSoft customers is to ensure that they are always alerted when somebody accesses an executive’s or co-worker’s compensation information or other personal data. Even when accessing this information is part of an employee’s daily responsibilities, they don’t need to be viewing it every time they access an employee’s record.

Previously, we demonstrated how dynamic data masking and real-time analytics work together to control & monitor access to sensitive information. Here, we’re focusing on compensation information. Receiving an alert and logging activity every time a user accesses this information is critical for monitoring and complying with data privacy policies.

This level of detail can also help organizations tell the difference between legitimate access or when a privileged user accesses this information outside the scope of their everyday responsibilities – which could indicate malicious intent by a disgruntled employee or a compromised account.

Pathlock’s Real-Time Analytics allows you to track the number of times a user accesses that data during the day or outside of business hours. So instead of asking “if” a person should have access to that data, you can track how often and when that data is accessed.

Not only are you risking a data privacy violation, but a disgruntled employee could also cause internal conflicts and external PR issues if they leak executive compensation information. Knowing who accessed what and when is critical for ensuring policies are met while aiding in response tactics with full forensic details.

Pathlock helps you take a proactive approach to detect and prevent PeopleSoft data privacy violations, including users accessing executive compensation information.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with alerts when executive or co-worker compensation data is accessed. In addition, we provide the fastest path for applying data masking and logging across all necessary data fields in PeopleSoft.

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