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PeopleSoft Data Exfiltration: Be Alerted To The Violation Of Data Security & Privacy Policies

Michael Cunningham - April 08, 2022

The financial, reputational, and regulatory impact of a data breach can be catastrophic. Data exfiltration, whether malicious or accidental, typically originates from employees’ legitimate access to PeopleSoft and can be hard to prevent or detect with existing security capabilities.

In this Pathlock solution demo, you’ll learn how real-time analytics can monitor data security and privacy policy violations to prevent PeopleSoft data exfiltration.

PeopleSoft’s native architecture makes it easy for users to run queries and download data out of the application. Additionally, the lack of detailed user activity logs in PeopleSoft prevents organizations from having a clear view of how, when, and by whom specific data fields were viewed. When you think about all the different devices that people are using to access your system, you realize that you want to monitor those scenarios.

Pathlock can help you understand where all this sensitive data is going to be stored and accessed inside of PeopleSoft. We pre-categorized your data fields inside of PeopleSoft into Level One or Level Two sensitivity that you can customize later. We pull this information through to our analytics platform so you can not only monitor access and usage but also show you if anybody is writing queries that have access to that data.

Monitoring And Enforcing PeopleSoft Data Exfiltration Policies With Pathlock

Data exfiltration policy enforcement can be challenging in PeopleSoft because it lacks the logging features that provide visibility into user activity around data access and usage. That can make it difficult to distinguish whether users are accessing sensitive information for legitimate reasons or with malicious intent.

Pathlock’s logging feature records all user activity for all data access and transactions, allowing you to aggregate and visualize data trends such as access by data sensitivity level and access by user privilege level. Pathlock’s real-time analytics help you continuously monitor instances of query running and download attempts of sensitive data onto unauthorized devices, from suspicious locations, or outside business hours.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you take a proactive approach to detect and prevent PeopleSoft data privacy violations, including users viewing co-worker PII data.

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