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Oracle EBS Segregation Of Duties: Why Automation Is The Answer

Shiv Sujir - March 25, 2022

When it comes to preventing fraud, segregation of duties is a key component of any compliance and risk strategy. However, enforcing SoD policies within your Oracle EBS applications can be riddled with several challenges, especially if you’re a large organization with thousands of users. From overprovisioning of users due to ill-defined roles to lack of visibility into user activity to tedious audit reporting, the entire SoD exercise can be a compliance nightmare. Ultimately leading to undetected violations, failed audits, and potential fraud.

Here’s how intelligent automation can help you streamline your SoD efforts, prevent fraud, and provide data to validate your compliance measures.

Detecting SoD Conflicts Before They Happen

Oracle EBS admin teams deal with requests every day to grant new roles and authorizations to users either because they are new or assigned new responsibilities. Every time this happens, manually verifying if the new roles result in SoD conflicts is practically impossible. The result? Overprovisioning and SoD conflicts that remain undetected and lead to an increase in fraud risk and audit failures. However, a simulation tool that provides a testing platform for potential violations can detect these conflicts immediately and send alerts to the admin/security teams. When integrated into your Oracle EBS systems, the simulation tool can also enable you to enforce SoD directly into your live environment.

[Tip: Look for a solution that not only alerts you to SoD conflicts but also offers possible solutions to remediate the conflicts so that business operations are not impacted.]

Automated SoD Analysis And Remediation

Automation helps you go beyond static rules that are built into preconfigured libraries. An advanced solution equipped with dynamic modeling and analysis can detect SoD risks based on risk patterns not just within your Oracle EBS environment but across multiple applications. With intelligent automation, you will be able to detect SoD conflicts, sensitive access, and potential policy violations for existing users immediately upon deployment.

Real-Time Auditing And Conflict Resolution

If you’re still using manual processes, conflicts and violations are usually detected after the fact. Automated SoD solutions can analyze user behavior and usage data paired together with vast amounts of historical data in the field of risk assessment to resolve conflicts as they happen. The continuous monitoring of user activity enables you to detect risky user behavior, even within the scope of user’s authorizations. This allows the auditing of specific violation events in real-time.

For example: A buyer who usually issues POs for $5000 suddenly starts to issue $10,000 POs. Even though the buyer in question has the authorization to perform the transaction, this could be a potential fraud risk. An automated solution enables you to flag this behavior for real-time for auditing and validation. Security and admin teams can also use the analysis to focus only on user activities. This allows them to remove redundant authorizations that are not in use, effectively de-provisioning users and mitigating risk.

Effortless Audit Reports

Auditing Oracle EBS roles and authorization can be tedious and time-consuming for internal and external auditors. Manually cross-referencing user activity against role conflicts to identify SoD violations is a huge auditing challenge. The process is inefficient, unscalable, and could lead to mistakes. Failure to detect SoD violations could have serious compliance ramifications for the company.

Automation helps eliminate a large part of manual data collection and analysis. Auditors can instantly access pre-defined risk reports, while security teams can receive automated reports on all roles containing an SoD violation. Users who have performed activities that violate SoD can be identified easily to initiate preventative and remediation measures.

Automate Oracle EBS Segregation Of Duties With Pathlock

The implementation of segregation of duties as a fraud prevention control is essential for any enterprise; however, detecting SoD conflicts, remediating them, and preventing violations is a whole other game. Pathlock enables you to effectively implement SoD across your Oracle EBS applications with an automated solution that works in real-time to detect and prevent SoD violations. It continuously monitors all Oracle EBS user activity and authorization usage to deliver key insights and reports that enable your security and audit teams to implement SoD with significant savings in cost and time.

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