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[Customer Story] How Pathlock Helped OU Secure Their PeopleSoft Data By Integrating Duo Security (For Dynamic MFA)

Esha Panda - September 23, 2021

Since 2008, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) has successfully used the Pathlock dynamic MFA solution to secure the ERP data on its instance of PeopleSoft. OUHSC initially selected Pathlock because of its ability to directly integrate its multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution with PeopleSoft without added customizations, hardware, or complexity. 

What Challenges Made OU Enable Dynamic Access Controls?

OU’s main campus in Norman had its own PeopleSoft system, which was separate from the OU Health Sciences Center’s system. Recently, the University decided to consolidate the Financials and Human Capital systems along with information technology of the University’s three campuses, including uniting the unique instances of PeopleSoft into a single one.

In 2020, the University began the consolidation project. In addition to requiring secure access to the HRMS pillar for the nearly 15,000 faculty and staff members on the unified instance of PeopleSoft, the University wanted to leverage dynamic access controls to enforce MFA at login and inside the application at the field, page, and component levels.

As a unified system, OU wanted to –

  • Reduce unwanted exposure of sensitive data
  • Improve visibility into user activity across applications
  • Limit access to sensitive transactions

Oklahoma University Enhanced PeopleSoft Data Security With Dynamic MFA

Pathlock’s native integration with PeopleSoft allowed OU to successfully deploy their MFA solution for the HRMS pillar. The University uses MFA at login for both off-campus (remote) and on-campus users. The combined platform for all three campuses applies dynamic access controls to grant access to sensitive information and gate high-value transactions, such as direct deposit, based on contextual attributes like device, geolocation, time, and more. Additionally, OU uses Pathlock to monitor and log high privileged user activity within PeopleSoft. The system captures all user activity at the field, page, and component levels. 

The University completed its system upgrades and merger and is now live using the Pathlock Platform in all three of its PeopleSoft pillars, namely Financials, Human Capital, and Campus Solutions. 

Pathlock Platform As A Key Enabler For End-To-End PeopleSoft Data Security & Compliance  

Pathlock’s PeopleSoft customer base includes multiple colleges and universities like Oklahoma University looking for a single platform to strengthen Identity and Access Management, Data Security, and Compliance, including: 

  • Native SAML/ADFS Compatibility And PeopleSoft MFA Integration: Integrating single sign-on and multi-factor authentication natively with PeopleSoft and your identity provider improves security and convenience. Integrated MFA also enables step-up authentication, so users can be forced to re-authenticate when accessing highly sensitive transactions.
  • Contextual Access Control For Greater Security: Reduce the attack surface with a dynamic rules engine that applies the contextual variables of a user’s access and defines privileges in real-time. Implement least privilege to limit access to modules/transactions, dynamically mask sensitive data, enforce step-up MFA, and more.
  • Real-Time Analytics For Improved Response Times: Enhanced PeopleSoft logging capabilities capture all user activity at the field, page, and component levels and combine them with contextual user data. Real-time visualized dashboards allow you to quickly spot suspicious activity and drill down to root out issues.

Contact Pathlock’s PeopleSoft experts today to learn how the Pathlock can help you establish a dynamic MFA solution and a strong ERP data security posture.

Customer Profile:

Founded in 1890, the University of Oklahoma is a public research university located in Norman, Oklahoma, just 20 minutes south of Oklahoma City. With three campuses in Oklahoma, OU also offers study abroad opportunities at several locations and OU campuses overseas. The OU Health Sciences Center serves approximately 4,000 students in more than 70 undergraduate and graduate degree programs on Oklahoma City and Tulsa campuses.

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