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7 Benefits Of Automating User Access Reviews In PeopleSoft

Esha Panda - May 06, 2022

When PeopleSoft users transition to different roles or offboard, their previous roles and accounts in the system often remain intact. These unused roles and authorizations could potentially lead to business and security risks (e.g., compromised credentials). Role clean-ups and user access reviews in PeopleSoft play a significant role in preventing data security threats and Segregation of Duty (SoD) violations. This prepares organizations to adopt automation solutions that can assess risks and violations based on current authorizations and the actual usage of a particular role or account in PeopleSoft applications.

Challenges With User Access & Roles In PeopleSoft

Traditional PeopleSoft application capabilities do not produce the required level of granularity and visibility into how users access and engage with data. When it comes to reviewing user access and roles, PeopleSoft applications often fail to purge inactive accounts of employees who have offboarded or shifted to a different role or account. These redundant accounts often lead to exposed vulnerabilities and pose a threat to data security.

Companies need automated solutions to conduct periodic user access reviews in PeopleSoft that confirm the presence of adequate controls to restrict access to sensitive transactions and data.

7 Key Benefits Of Automating PeopleSoft User Access Reviews

PeopleSoft user access reviews are often labor-intensive and prone to human errors due to the vast amount of data that needs to be manually examined. Automating the access review process offers the following benefits to organizations:

1. SoD Conflict Elimination:
Granting more access than a user needs to save time is one of the leading causes of SoD conflicts in PeopleSoft and puts the organization at risk for potential fraud. Automating user access reviews helps strengthen SoD controls, and multiple security tests ensure there are no conflicts.

2. Improving Data Security Without Limiting Productivity:
Introducing “context” to user access determines “who” is authorized to access “what” PeopleSoft data, “when,” from which device, and “why.” User access reviews combined with periodic role clean-ups allow or restrict actions such as report and query exports based on the context of user access.

3. Strengthen Data Privacy Measures:
Traditional Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) usually limit your ability to restrict user access to sensitive data fields and transactions. Companies adopting Attribute-Based Access Controls (ABAC) can enable automation of policy enforcement into their access controls and prevent violation of policy requirements.

4. Prevents Privileged Access Misuse:
Automating user access reviews for privileged accounts helps track all the user access data points to identify off-peak access, unknown IP address access, and access from strange locations. Enhanced access controls with dynamic authorization policies help prevent privileged access misuse in PeopleSoft.

5. Enables Audit-Readiness:
Organizations with automated user access reviews can streamline access request workflows, mitigate access risks, and capture a complete audit trail of access requests and approvals. This helps generate audit-ready reports for review by internal and external auditors with the least manual effort.

6. Reduced Manual Effort & Complexity:
Automating role and access reviews eliminate the need for manual reporting and investigation of false positives. This further helps with automated analysis across multiple platforms.

7. Emergency Access:
With automated reviews, organizations can further automate the release of access rights for emergency (firefighter) access, limiting the scope for a specific task, and revoking user access after custom-defined time frames.

How Pathlock Helps PeopleSoft Customers Automate User Access Reviews

Pathlock’s automated solution helps PeopleSoft customers reduce the time taken for user access reviews from months to hours. Here’s how we help them improve efficiency while bolstering data security and privacy:

  • Behavioral Profiling: Pathlock learns and displays actual usage of all roles, helping managers determine the necessity of each role and user access. This helps analyze unused roles and user access, and detect deviations indicating potential fraud in real time.
  • Cost Optimization: Automating PeopleSoft user access review and certification process significantly reduce overhead costs and human error risks. Teams can simply manage these processes via a simple web browser without involving an expert.
  • Audit-Readiness: Pathlock enables customers to meet auditor requirements with well-documented control processes. By reducing manual work to near zero, our solution allows internal auditors to focus on more high-risk authorization access and other potential security risks.
  • Intelligent Automation: This helps detect SoD conflicts, sensitive access, and potential policy violations for existing PeopleSoft users through business-oriented rules mapped to specific applications’ authorization models.

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