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Lean-Forward Approach To Cybersecurity

June 20, 2016
Gartner stated in an April 2015 research survey report that risk data regularly influences the decisions of 71% of an organization’s boards of directors.  With more Chief Information Security Officers having to present to their boards on the state of cybersecurity and the risk potential for an event occurring that can create a significant negative impact on the business, being able to demonstrate the effectiveness of a “lean-forward” approach to cybersecurity controls rather than how the company will respond to the event is critical. As seen in the graph below, the biggest impact to the business isn’t the cost of recovery or regulatory fines but rather the loss of intellectual property, productivity, revenue and reputation.  Today, security has become a board-level concern. cyberattack Source: Ponemon Institute While most organizations have counted on prevention technologies such as firewall, IDS and IPS solutions, these tools have proved to be insufficient based on the rising numbers of data breaches seen over the past 10 years.   Security technologies must provide more real-time visibility and correlate event, transaction, application process, device, user and location data that can provide a content-aware approach to make better security decisions.  They must be able to monitor, rationalize and make sense of the data output from multiple security technologies that enable security operations teams to make better decisions and automate response. Click here to learn more about Pathlock Technologies’ approach to dealing with this issue.