IT Operations Teams

Implement and enforce financial and IT General Controls for user access, authentication, authorization, and session management.


Unify Siloed Systems and Processes

Shadow IT, application growth, and cloud adoption make it difficult for IT operations teams to get a comprehensive view of privileged accounts and application usage throughout an enterprise IT environment.

With Pathlock, IT teams have a central hub for all governance activities throughout the access lifecycle.

  • Integrate with ticketing systems like ServiceNow and Identity Management solutions like Sailpoint, where access and provisioning requests start.
  • Provisions users with appropriate roles and access, without SOX or other SoD violations.
  • Provide temporary, emergency access to contractors and service providers so they can begin work right away.
  • Automatically deprovision users from all systems at once.
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Eliminate Alert Fatigue With Exception-Based Monitoring

Pathlock lets you spend more time reviewing and analyzing exceptions instead of questioning data reliability and chasing false positives.

  • Automatically monitor 100% of privileged activities in real time.
  • Focus IT staff on actionable alerts instead of noise.
  • Monitor third-party access as closely as employee access.
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Easily Produce Audit Logs and Demonstrate Compliance

IT Operations teams save time and increase report accuracy with Pathlock.

  • Eliminate time to extract data from multiple systems and cobble together reports.
  • Maintain a defensible system of record for internal controls, with evidence of monitoring and actions.
  • Pinpoint exceptions and areas of non-compliance without combing through logs or watching hours of recordings.

Pathlock allows us to find out on a real-time basis where access violations are happening, identify exactly what caused them, and review whether action needs to be taken. We’re monitoring millions of activities daily which enables us to focus only on the items that represent true SoD conflicts or risks.

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Pathlock retrieves activity data from users so we can understand where access conflicts are. The risk matrix implemented in Pathlock allows us to measure potential impact in Euros for each risk and see the actual user activities that violate access policy. And of course, it’s all automated.

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