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Pathlock + Azure Active Directory

Pathlock’s integration with Microsoft Azure AD provides enterprises with a technology agnostic identity governance solution that can cover a wide range of applications, infrastructure, and devices, ensuring continuous compliance with regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley.

Unified, Enterprise-Wide Control for Azure AD Customers

Integrating Pathlock’s first-of-its-kind Access Orchestration platform with Microsoft’s market leading Identity and Governance Administration (IGA) capabilities empowers customers to achieve unified, enterprise-wide control through this best-of-breed combination of solutions. Pathlock’s Control platform is designed to enable real-time decision-making ability without ever leaving Azure Active Directory. 

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A Proud Member of Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association (MISA)

Pathlock is a proud member of Microsoft’s Intelligent Security Association (MISA), meaning Microsoft customers and partners will be able to collaborate closely with Pathlock’s solution teams as we build out next generation solutions for Identity Governance and Administration. 

IGA and Access Orchestration products work better together, providing a greater solution depth for key business applications. Visibility and collaboration between these two worlds is critical to maintaining control during the disruption of digital transformations.